What are the Regulations in Biloxi, MS on the Collection of Tree Trimmings, Leaves, and more?

Because cleanliness is taken seriously in Biloxi, the city government has set in place a schedule for collecting tree trimmings, leaves, grass clippings, and more. In addition to helping maintain the beauty of Biloxi, the schedule also helps homeowners determine when the ideal time to perform tree services are.

Below you will find information on the regulation that deals with the collection of tree trimmings. Here at Premiere Tree Services of Biloxi, we don’t just prune, spray, or remove trees, we also empower our customers by keeping them informed on new techniques and knowledge when it comes to tree care!

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Collection of tree trimmings, leaves, etc…

  1. Tree trimmings, hedge cuttings, leaves, grass or shrubbery of any kind will be picked up by the city garbage contractor on the regular garbage pickup days. Trash shall be placed in the same place, time and manner as provided for garbage.
  2. In addition to the materials described in subsection (a) of this section, the garbage contractor will also pick up large accumulations of unbundled leaves, grass clippings and tree limbs at least once a month on such day as may be established by the director of the department of public works.

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